Monday, January 24, 2011

Asian Art

I received an email from a girl who started The Pink Pagoda which has the most adorable Asian-inspired artwork.  I went to her site and immediately fell in love with all her prints.  Not sure about everyone else, but I have no problem designing for other people, but I have a tough time making a decision in my own house.  When I read Rue, Lonny or Ivy & Piper...I want it all.  (almost Veruka Salt'ish)

I love the name Pink was actually my first choice when I started the blog, but the name was taken!  How funny is that!?!?  Well check out her art...I would love to do a group of them in black bamboo frames. At around $25's totally do-able.  I love them all, but here are some of my favorties..


classic • casual • home said...

Soo cute. Following you now...going to explore your blog.
Mary Ann

Pagoda Press said...

Thank you so much!