Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3rd Grade Bake Sale

A is for Apple Cupcakes
(1) Frost a regular cupcake with red frosting (for those of you frosting is white frosting tinted red) and place a "mini" chocolate covered donut on top.  (the ones you buy in the bags)  Is that how you spell donut??  or is it doughnut?  good grief..I have no business writing a blog!
(2)  Freeze for 10 minutes
(3)  Cover the entire donut with more frosting and roll in red sugar.
(4)  Cut marshmallows with scissors (clean ones!) into a bowl of green sugar.  You get about 5 leaves per marshmallow.
(5)  Add pretzel stick for stem.
(6)  Sell for a high amount at school bake sale.

How cute are they in these baskets???

Flower Cupcakes are also cut up marshmallows rolled in colored sugar.
Super easy!  My daughter did these flowers...

Some of our happy customers!

Note to self: Don't tie hair back for pictures...I look like a boy

-tessa ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Green with Envy

Okay...instead of rushing to your local florist or Whole Foods for fresh flowers, just clip some bright green leaves from the yard.  As usual, Anna Spiro makes it look fabulous.  I am grabbing my clippers and running outside now....
I love everything about this shot.  How great would this be as artwork....hmmm I am thinking Anne Harwell..
Agghh....I can't take is so simple and gorgeous!  Is it wrong if I clip from other people's  yards? "Nothing to see here neighbors....nothing to see here..." 
Happy Tuesday!  -tessa

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pagoda Car Magnets

Sign up as a Google Follower and I will send you a pagoda car magnet! Just leave me a little note under comments.  Click above to get to main blog page and post a comment.  Sign up is to the right.  Pass it on....

Actual size 3"x3"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Happy Friday!  I just had dinner with a girlfriend last night and it made me realize how special girlfriends
are in our lives.  Last year, 3 friends and I took a girl's weekend and I put together a little "happy" for each of them.  My girlfriend, Tara, made these adorable "Chick's Weekend" shirts for us.  Each one of us were a color  (I was green)  She also made them necklaces with each chick color.  I added matching jelly beans, lotion and a cute make-up bag (make up bags and lotions I scored at tjmaxx!).  I boxed each of them up and surprised them right before dinner.  (why did I not make a green one for myself?) I think it's time for another girl's trip!!
Happy Weekend Everyone!  -tessa

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blue and White plus Pink

Okay...I smile when I see blue and white ginger jars, but I actually get butterflies in my tummy when I see them mixed with pink.  Here are some of my favorite pics....
Does it get any better....bamboo pens!!!
One of my favorite designers....Anna Spiro
her living room.... absolutely beautiful...

I never get tired of looking at this picture...
Mary McDonald for House Beautiful

This table makes me want to host a brunch for friends for no reason at all....
Another genius....Carolyne Roehm

I am having dinner with one of my favorite girlfriends, Tara Huff, tonight.   Another reason to smile today...
Happy Thursday Everyone!   -tessa ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hootie Whoooo....These are cute!

Yes, it is still Africa hot in Florida, but Fall is on it's know what that means...Owl Cupcakes!
Okay....I actually screamed when I saw these cupcakes on  They are actually chocolate muffins, but I am making these as cupcakes for our upcoming school bake sale.  
It looks like broken muffin tops for the ears...No piping bag....How easy is that!?!

As if you don't have enough to do in a day...try making these adorable owl cupcakes.
All you need for these are some oreos, banana runts, m&ms and a star pastry tip.
I have actually made these for my girlfriend's son, Bryce's owl birthday party.
(*tip:  make sure frosting is a little chilled so it "feathers" out)  
They were a hoot!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Flor Designs

I wouldn't cry over spilled milk (or juice) if I had these cute new designs from Flor Tile.  I thought checkerboard and stripe were the only graphic designs, but this zig zag is adorable and (of course) my favorite.  I need to score some orange boxes too...

This would also look great in black and white..(along with some new furniture and pink peonies)

Happy Day Everyone!  -tessa

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snack Packs

Let's start the week off with "green" way to carry your snacks around town.  I am getting a set for myself as well as for the kids.  This is way more "chic" than a plastic baggie...not to mention earth friendly!
Have a great day everyone.... ;) -tessa

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One of my favorites...Harrison Howard

A great new use for a paper towel holder!!!  

I will be doing these drapes in the near future...

I LOVE Sunny Yellow...(for Carmen and Karen: "jello")  :)

Another masterpiece by Jonathan Adler.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nichole's FABULOUS Wedding Invites

Ok...I am sooo excited to go to my girlfriend's wedding.  This is the girl I did the cherry blossom cookies for that I posted last month.  She is so talented...take a look at the wedding invites she designed.  Incredible...the vintage stamps are my absolute favorite.  (and I thought I was so cool using "Love" stamps for my wedding)  If I ever get remarried, I am copying this idea.  (just kidding, Todd!) Check out the wording....You can find her at  More importantly...what am I going to wear!?!?!?!?  (Can't wait to see you Nichole!!!)

click the link below to see more fabulous pics...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Luau Party

My daughter wanted a Luau Party for her birthday so I pulled out my "Hawaii Party Bin" I saved from Ashley's bday (yes...I have party bins...don't ask)  A small party of 10 so I thought setting the table would be exciting for them.  I found this adorable printable site on Etsy called Paper Glitter.  You buy their graphics (this one was $10) and you print from home.  It included a ton of graphics...I used the banner (agghh..forgot picture!), placecards, cupcake toppers, gift bag tags and snack tags.  The girls swam in the pool so I put tiki torches around the pool deck and filled with red/orange/yellow tissue to look like fire.  It was a blast....Hope you had a Happy Birthday Morgan!  -love, mommy

I glued silk hibiscus flowers to hair clips for the girls to wear!

These adorable graphics from Paper Glitter on Etsy

I am trying to start a "No Favor" party trend, but I found flip flops at Old Navy on clearance for $1.47!
I put in baggies with raffia and printed tags for each of the girls.  The hula girl is the cutest thing isn't she?
Is it wrong that the coconut drink above looks so good right now?
Have a great Monday everyone!  -tessa

Friday, September 10, 2010

Asian-Style "Mini" Cocktail Party

A couple weeks ago, my mom came across some small appetizer plates at her house which sparked the idea of having an Asian-Style cocktail party.  She makes the most amazing little egg rolls so we thought...why stop there...let's do everything mini!  Each guest grabbed a bamboo tray and filled it up with little plates of bbq chicken wings, Shanghai egg rolls, vegetable noodles, homemade steamed dumplings (which she learned how to make when we lived in Hawaii), Hawaiian chicken skewers and shredded pork dumplings.  It gave everyone a chance to try a little bit of everything and still have a "little" room for dessert!

I made the bite size key lime pies and cupcakes, but used store bought 2 bite brownies, added chocolate sauce whipped cream and a raspberry for the sundaes.  Strawberry Shortcakes were store bought butter pound cake, fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream.  

We did veggies and dip in glass votives we found at Pier One.
You can find the serving spoons there too.

My sweet Mom and Riley.
I am hungry again....