Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's for Dinner??

Oh how I never get tired of hearing this....Agghh!  Here is a super simple dinner which takes about 15 minutes to joke!  My girlfriend, Angela, who should write a book on "How to Simplify Your Life" was making this one day after school and her kitchen was spotless!  How did she do it, I asked?? All you need is one big pot to make this delicious washing a bunch of pots and pans you some extra time to enjoy your 2nd margarita.  (Trick: Make a double batch and freeze for dinner after a long day of holiday shopping next month) I know the Margarita seems a little summery, but here in is still Margarita weather!!

P.S.  I bought everything I needed for this quick and easy meal at our local Super Target...seriously.  While you are at Target, grab a pinata and some candy in the party section and surprise your kids or guests after dinner.  (Treat:  you can give the rest of the candy away on Halloween!)

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Danielle@Fresh Quince said...

Can't wait to try this and so happy I stumbled upon your's great!!!