Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sunburst Mirrors

My girlfriend, Montye, sent me a pic of a Sunburst mirror that reminded her of me.  Come to think of it...I DO love sunburst mirrors!  (they why don't I have one???)  Here are some of my favorites....this first one make my heart skip a beat...
Oh my....I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room!!!!!!!!

Note the yummy wallpaper, bamboo cocktail table and Chinoiserie pillows!

This would be fabulous in a foyer..

My sister has this Constellation Mirror at her house...I have been meaning to break in and take it off the wall.

One of my favorite pictures on the planet....

Happy Day Everyone!
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Kellie Collis said...

Wow! I'm loving your sister's Constellation Mirror. Kellie xx

Gindora Dux Deluxe said...

I agree Tessa, they are simply divine. They not only brighten up a room, they seem to glamourize everything around them.

mamamagnolia said...

I've been thinking about a sunburst mirror, but I haven't found just the right one- love the constellation mirror.