Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We have not had family photos done since Riley was 10 days old.  I just booked a session with one of my favorite photographers, Amy Smith.  I am searching for cute ideas on what to matter what, she will make it fabulous.  Check her out... she is incredible..

While searching for cute ideas on what to wear, I stumbled across WHAT NOT TO WEAR.  I am sure everyone has already seen these, but I laugh EVERY time.... (Gosh I hope none of these people read my blog!)

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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Montye said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny

Sarah (Matters of Style) said...

Hilarious. My inlaws made us do a photo in khaki and white a couple months ago. I was mortified. They think it is so "classy" (*gag*).

Pagoda Press said...

LOL!!! How scary is it my husband asked me last week..."What do you want to wear...Khaki and white?" I was you still wear Drakkar cologne??!?!