Friday, September 24, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Happy Friday!  I just had dinner with a girlfriend last night and it made me realize how special girlfriends
are in our lives.  Last year, 3 friends and I took a girl's weekend and I put together a little "happy" for each of them.  My girlfriend, Tara, made these adorable "Chick's Weekend" shirts for us.  Each one of us were a color  (I was green)  She also made them necklaces with each chick color.  I added matching jelly beans, lotion and a cute make-up bag (make up bags and lotions I scored at tjmaxx!).  I boxed each of them up and surprised them right before dinner.  (why did I not make a green one for myself?) I think it's time for another girl's trip!!
Happy Weekend Everyone!  -tessa

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