Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3rd Grade Bake Sale

A is for Apple Cupcakes
(1) Frost a regular cupcake with red frosting (for those of you frosting is white frosting tinted red) and place a "mini" chocolate covered donut on top.  (the ones you buy in the bags)  Is that how you spell donut??  or is it doughnut?  good grief..I have no business writing a blog!
(2)  Freeze for 10 minutes
(3)  Cover the entire donut with more frosting and roll in red sugar.
(4)  Cut marshmallows with scissors (clean ones!) into a bowl of green sugar.  You get about 5 leaves per marshmallow.
(5)  Add pretzel stick for stem.
(6)  Sell for a high amount at school bake sale.

How cute are they in these baskets???

Flower Cupcakes are also cut up marshmallows rolled in colored sugar.
Super easy!  My daughter did these flowers...

Some of our happy customers!

Note to self: Don't tie hair back for pictures...I look like a boy

-tessa ;)

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